On Saturday November 7th at 1 PM Un-Send exhibition will premiere
at the Lowell Lofts Art Gallery. UN-SEND was created by Ivana Blanco Gross
on January 15th 2015. As today, there are 62 artists participating in the project.
UN-SEND is an International Collaboration Project in which artists from different
nationalities communicate with one another through the exchange of small works.
Each of the works in UN-SEND have been created by two artists who live in
different places around the globe. There are at the moment 32 participating
countries : Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brasil, Canada,
Chile, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Greenland,
Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan,
Mexico, Mongolia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
Senegal, Spain, St. Croix, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom,
United States of America, Uruguay.
The project arrives in Lowell, MA by invitation of the textile artist and painter
Eleni Zhodi, who is a member of the project.